Narrate stories directly to over 2000 delegates attending the 3 day schedule. Participants keen on leveraging from Ibex2020’s impressive agenda and line-up of speakers are pick-up from the cream of options on the back of Eventalist’s experience. Eventalist has had experience strategizing and tailor-making speaking sessions at several industry wide events.

A speaking session as huge as Ibex can yield wonders for any BFSI company’s marketing initiatives. Your Ibex experience with Eventalist will include an end-to-end journey. Eventalist can offer the best rates, suitability and convenience of placement of speaking slots. Eventalist, thanks to years of experience of architecting unique speaking experiences can offer content related suggestions to ensure an immersive experience for your audiences.

BFSI firms keen to utilize from the speaking slots and panel discussions should get in touch with Eventalist to gain a comprehensive understanding.

With approximately 2,000 bankers and senior delegates, Ibex 2020 is an excellent avenue to gain market-share and narrate fresh experiences to your prospective users. A host of partnership opportunities awaits marketeers at this congregation. Eventalist is best suited to offer tailor-made solutions that can offer great value at Ibex 2020. Right from sponsoring as the lead sponsor to customised packages, Eventalist can offer marketeers a unique strategy to capture audiences with a wow experience.

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