Engage: RoundTables

Exclusive closed door discussions within Ibex 2020 can be built on a wide-variety of topics. Eventalist’s in-house expertise allows marketeers to build mini brain-storming discussions involving 5-6 select bankers. Marketeers can also opt for a round-table of 12-15 participants to understand user experiences and showcase unique stories.

At Ibex 2020, some of the exclusive opportunities in association with Eventalist are as follows:

• Brain-storming sessions: 3-4 select participants within Ibex 2020
• Roundtables: Discussion involving 12-15 select audience.

To get a comprehensive understanding of exclusive partnership opportunities do contact us for a quick consultation.

With approximately 2,000 bankers and senior delegates, Ibex 2020 is an excellent avenue to gain market-share and narrate fresh experiences to your prospective users. A host of partnership opportunities awaits marketeers at this congregation. Eventalist is best suited to offer tailor-made solutions that can offer great value at Ibex 2020. Right from sponsoring as the lead sponsor to customised packages, Eventalist can offer marketeers a unique strategy to capture audiences with a wow experience.

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