Ibex 2020

Ibex 2020

Eventalist is proud to partner with PDA Trade-fairs, the organizers of Ibex India, India’s finest congregation on Banking & Financial services. Eventalist is the official Conference co-organiser for the 3-day Ibex program. Ibex is a meeting-point for BFSI policy-makers, top bankers and several industry captains from the global Information Technology world.
Bankers / Technocrats
BFSI companies
Panel Discussions
Unique Congregation
Indias finest BFSI congregation, the discussion point for banking software and services. Now, just few days away. Register now to catch all the updates.


January 12, 2020
BFSI Market Scenario

INDIA's BFSI MARKET & STATS TO PONDER: Favourable demographics and rising income levels have led...

January 11, 2020
BFSI Carnival Statistics

The 8th iteration of India's BFSI carnival or the Maha-mela of knowledge is here. Its...

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